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Portugal no mundo global. Um país para visitar, viver e investir.
Portugal in the global world. A country to visit, live and invest in.

PAIIR is a Portuguese private association dedicated to the enhancement, defense, promotion and training in the areas of immigration, Investment, Integration and Mobility in Portugal.

We intend to add professionals working in the areas of Immigration, Investment, Integration and Mobility in order to develop a network that allows the creation of national and international synergies.

We want to value our Associates and promote Portugal as an immigration and investment destination where Individuals, Families and Companies can find a democratic and fair regime, safety, quality of life and an environment suitable for the development of their lives and economic activities.

We are motivated by Portugal. His History. His role in the global World. His potential

Our Goals


Aggregate and develop a network of professionals, collaborating with national and international entities


Defending dignity and legality, as well as, to ensure respect for ethical and deontological principles within the scope of practices and processes


Actively participate in the development and review of innovative immigration policies, Investment, Integration and Mobility


Valuing Portugal, its professionals and areas of activity within the scope of Immigration, Investment, Integration and Mobility


Promote the exchange of ideas and experiences, and the cooperation between Associates and their training, while sharing our knowledge


Integrating Investors, Families and Companies that believe in Portugal and want to fix their interests in Portuguese territory

Residence Permits in Portugal

In the last few years, according to data from the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), Portugal has experienced an unprecedented period of mobility, marked not only by globalization, which generates migrations of an economic , labor and educational nature, but also, due to the National Immigration and Asylum Policy, that promotes a global approach, integrated and balanced, increasingly interconnected with the attraction of foreign investment.

The analysis of the evolution of the foreign population in Portugal implies the consideration of several aspects, namely, the legislative evolution that occurred in the last years and the fact that Portugal is a country of “mixed regime” of migrations, being both receiver and emitter of migrants, historical and cultural relations with other countries, the impacts of operationalizing immigration policies, as well as the economic and social context of Portugal and the countries of origin of immigrants.

Passive Income
Golden Visa
Tech and Startup Visa

The structure of the ten most representative nationalities has been changing due to Portuguese internal policies and also due to external factors. Brazilian nationality remains the main resident foreign community representing more than a fifth of the total foreign population resident in Portugal.

On the other hand, the rise of positions in the structure of the most representative nationalities by European citizens, seems to confirm the particular impact of the factors like, the perception of Portugal as a safe country, as well as the tax advantages arising from the regime for non-habitual residents. In the particular case of the United Kingdom, the Brexit effect is also an important variable to consider.

The special residence permit regime for investment activity, usually designated by ARI or Golden Visa, that allows to obtain a temporary residence permit with exemption from residence visa, by doing an investment in Portuguese territory, has also shown the growing interest in Portugal for economic purposes, by countries like China, Turkey, South Africa, Russia, India, Vietnam and the U.S..

Nationalities residing in Portugal

PAIIR – Portuguese Association of Immigration, Investment and Relocation is an association that operates in the areas of Immigration, Investment and Mobility in Portugal

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