PAIIR is composed of associates who can be natural or legal persons. Above all, are people and entities focused on the harmonious development of global society, in promoting development and active in the areas of Immigration, Foreign investment, Integration and Mobility.

The association is exclusively financed by the fees of its members, revenue from activities performed or any other donations and sponsorships made by third parties.

Who can be associated?

Any natural or legal person can be a member of PAIIR, provided that this is not legally prevented. All requests to become a PAIIR member require approval by the Association's Board of Directors. It is essential that members actively participate in the development of the association and commit to its goals, while adhering to its statutes and regulations.

Membership Categories

Founding Associates

It is the members who incorporated the association or those to whom they attribute this condition

Honorary Members

Are the natural or legal persons invited by the Board, without voting rights

Merit Associates

Are the natural or legal persons to whom special rights and duties are attributed

Ordinary Associates

It is natural or legal persons that are accepted, with voting rights

Registration fee

Individual People € 80

Legal Persons € 160

Annual Fees

Singular People €50

Students €25

Micro Companies and Start-Ups €100

Small and Medium Companies €200

Big Companies €400

Other Associations € 400 or reciprocity