Law, Rights & Duties

Know your Rights and Duties in Portugal!

According to the Portuguese legislation in force, foreign citizens legally resident in Portugal, that is, holders of a residence permit, have the following rights and duties:


  • Education and teaching
  • Exercise of a subordinate professional activity
  • Development of an independent professional activity
  • Orientation, training, professional development and updating
  • Health
  • Access to law and courts
  • And finally, equal treatment of foreign citizens, whenever provided for in special legislation, namely in the following matters:

  1. Social Security
  2. Tax benefits
  3. Union membership
  4. Recognition of diplomas, certificates and other professional titles
  5. Access to available goods and services
  6. In addition to other provisions in the law that grant them special rights

Portugal is a sovereign Republic, based on the dignity of the human person and on the popular will and committed to building a free society, fair and supportive”

Cf.. Article 1 of Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.


Duty of Regular Entry and Legal Stay

Foreign citizens must enter the national territory with a visa appropriate to the type of stay. Further, they must keep a legal permanence through necessary extensions and the timely renewal of their residence permits.

On the other hand, if you are the holder of a temporary residence permit, you must request the respective renewal until 30 days before its validity expires, so you can continue your residence in order to access permanent residence and also Portuguese nationality.

Duty to respect public order, public safety and public health

The foreign citizen must prove the absence of a penalty or sentences that, isolated or cumulatively, go over a year of prison, that is, must prove that it does not constitute a danger to security or public order and that it shares the standard values ​​established in Portugal.

Duty to communicate

Regarding the duty to communicate, foreign citizens legally resident in Portugal, must communicate to the Foreign and Borders Service , the following situations:

  • Change of marital status or domicile, within 60 days from the date on which it occurs
  • But also, periods of absence from Portugal longer than those legally permitted:
    1. The holder of a temporary residence permit – more than six consecutive months or eight months
    2. If holder of a permanent residence permit – more than twenty-four consecutive months or, over a three-year period, thirty interpolated months
    3. On the other hand, the holder of the Long Term Resident Status – period equal to or greater than 12 consecutive months (European Union), and for a period of six or more consecutive years (Portugal)
  • And finally, the exercise of professional activity, subordinated or independent by higher education students holding a residence permit