What we do


“We believe in the potential of our network of contacts. We know what we should and can do to promote Immigration, Investment, Integration and Mobility in Portugal. Simplicity, confidence, experience and professionalism are the keywords!”

Vanessa Lima, Vice President of PAIIR

The projects and activities developed by PAIIR aim always, to, generate positive synergies. At the same time we clarify the process for those who decide to invest and / or reside in Portugal, we want to bring people together, develop new ideas, create conditions for foreign investment, train human and professional capital.

Events _______________

We disclose, promote and hold events that enable networking, connect people and companies, and promote Portugal

Think Tank

We share ideas, proposals and suggestions. We discuss the problems and potential solutions. We contribute to the development


We want to contribute to the qualification of professionals performance in the areas of Immigration, Investment, Integration and Mobility

Connecting _____Tank_____

We actively promote the meeting of people and companies with providers, projects and trustful opportunities in Portugal

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