Protocols & Advantages

Advantages of being our associate

When being a member of PAIIR, automatically accesses to a set of benefits and advantages.

We seek to improve the benefits for all Associates, either in its relationship with the Association, or in the special advantages and conditions resulting from protocols signed with entities from multiple sectors of activity.

Immediate Advantages

  • Access to a national and international network
  • Priority in scheduling and participating in PAIIR events or in which PAIIR is a part
  • Discount 10% in PAIIR training and events
  • Participation in Think Tank and PAIIR Newsletter
  • Discount from 5% in services subject to protocol with PAIIR
  • Disclosure of services and projects on the Connecting Tank
  • Free consultations from 15 minutes by telematic channels with registered Associates
  • Participation in the annual PAIIR event


PAIIR has an intense activity and promotes collaboration between its Associates, encouraging the signing of protocols that allow access to their services in a more advantageous way.. To that extent and with a view to distinguishing and benefiting its Associates, PAIIR celebrates with entities from different areas, protocols that grant benefits and advantages to its Associates.

If you wish to have a protocol with PAIIR, please fill in the contact form and tell us, what are the main advantages or special conditions you can offer to our Associates.


IMI Club

Free membership to IMI Club (no value of 59,94 euros), which allows you to read unlimited articles and enjoy all the exclusive content for members for six months free of charge. To benefit from this Protocol, contact PAIIR.


Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra - UNIFIES

10 reserved places for a certain period, in each of the courses in the area of ​​Immigration, with a discount of 30% about the course price. To benefit from this Protocol, contact PAIIR.


Autonomous University of Lisbon

Discount 15% in the value of tuition fees in the Migration Law Graduate Program. PAIIR can enroll its members benefiting from total exemption from tuition fees on the second participant, for each set of two.