Who we are

PAIIR – Portuguese Association of Immigration, Investment and Relocation was born from the the will of a multidisciplinary team multidisciplinary team of professionals from different areas who are willing to develop a set of initiatives in the field of Immigration, Investment, Integration and Mobility in Portugal who are ready to add individuals, national associations and institutions, European and international organizations who pursue the same goals.

We found that, contrary to what happens in other countries, there was no entity in Portugal whose objective was the aggregation, promotion and defense of these areas, with the mission of responding to the challenges faced by professionals and thousands of people and companies when they decide to relocate or invest in Portugal and start living or developing their business here

PAIIR comes to fill this void, joining the international organizations that are already making efforts in these areas, placing Portugal on the map of Investment Migration destinations


Sara Rebolo
Foundress | Chairman of the Board

Sara is a positivist by nature and a lawyer by vocation. Does not avoid a good challenge, or a good series on Netflix, nor the temptation to organize everything and everyone around her.

Vanessa Lima
Foundress | Vice-President of the Board

Vanessa Lima is passionate about her family and her profession, dedicated and available in what she does and always with positive thinking!

João Correia
Vice-President of the Board

João is an idealist, lives to develop projects and new ideas come to him at the speed of light. The technology, computer science and politics are his favorite hobbies.


Assembly Board

Pedro Santos
Chairman of the Assembly Board

Pedro is a Financial and Investment Project Specialist. For him, teaching finance is a passion because knowledge lasts far beyond the next investment.

Rosendo Costa
Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Assembly

Rosendo lives in China for 6 years. Is passionate about languages, History and cultures, especially Chinese and Vietnamese. His courage and persistence characterize him.

Beatriz Goncalves
Secretary of the Assembly Board

Beatriz is passionate about football, not only in the sporting aspect but also in its legal perspective. Her friendliness and humility conquer borders.

Fiscal Council

Sara Simões
Chairman of the Fiscal Council

Sara is a force of nature. She has an inexhaustible energy that shares with everyone around her and an exceptional fashion sense. Shoes are her downfall.

Li Danchan
Vice-Chairman of the Fiscal Council

Li loves to connect people and promote investment opportunities. She is an expert in financial markets and proud of her Asian origins..

Fatima Costa
Secretary of the Fiscal Council

Fátima is passionate about traveling, sport, nature and literature. Shares with A. Quinn's motto “I don't recognize nationalities or borders. My commitment is to life”.

PAIIR acts in a uniform and concerted manner in pursuit of the objectives that are defined in its Statutes. To that extent, all activities carried out by the Association are always aimed at meeting the objectives outlined and defined by its founding members and / or those that may be defined at the General Assembly, for the purpose of:

  • Defende the dignity, legality, valorization and innovation of the activities developed, in collaboration with natural or legal entities, public or private, national, European or international;

  • Watch over the respect for ethical and deontological principles, promote justice, appropriate, and innovative laws, uses and policies, defending its legality and homogeneous application, as well as, its proportionality and equity;

  • Agregate and defend the professionals and entities dedicated to the study, defense, development and promotion of these areas;

  • Encourage the exchange and cooperation with individuals, national associations and institutions, European and international organizations who pursue the same goals., participating, integrating or entering into protocols with the same;

  • Promote and carry out cultural activities or initiatives, of social character , formative, or other appropriate;

  • Contribute for the solidarity and mutual assistance of the associates, its valorization and internationalization, through the development and organization of actions of different nature;

  • To collaborate identifying problems and solutions, assisting in its implementation, through the promotion or elaboration of studies and opinions, data collection and dissemination, as well as, developing any other appropriate actions.